About Aplitest

Mobile Health innovations for a mobile world.

Innovation for a better world

Our beliefs

Innovation for a better world.

We love life!
We believe a better world is possible through innovation.
We care that our efforts make a difference for others.

Aplitest are mobile diagnostics.

Our team

We are mobile diagnostics.

Highly qualified professionals with great experience in software development, computer vision technologies, artificial intelligence, analytical chemistry and business.

Reliable diagnostics for all

Our products

Reliable diagnostics for all.

Our team is committed to provide reliable and affordable mobile diagnostic products and methods that contribute in the reduction of the burden of disease at a global scale.

Coming soon...

Our health solutions:

We have developed the first mobile-based rapid test reader platform. The system eliminates the interpretation errors and provides a real-time monitoring platform to be used as an aid for point of care testing, forensics, traffic control and workplaces testing. This platform is of great importance for trend analysis in public health.

Our future includes the development of a simple, portable, accurate, affordable and non-invasive diagnostic method to overcome most of the deficiencies rapid test (immunoassays) have, bringing on-site diagnostics to the next level.